Kep National Park 

The heart of nature


Bushwalking is a fantastic way to connect with nature, keep fit and spend time with family and friends. Kep National Park feature a range of trails that let you experience a diversity of landscapes. Our trails cater for all levels of fitness and adventure and our classification system makes it easy to select an experience suitable for you:

A walk is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. These are well-defined trails, generally less than 3km in length, with even surfaces. Suggested walks:

First Walk 
Butterfly Walk 
Waterfall Walk 

A moderate hike is suitable for bushwalkers with an average level of fitness. These trails can be any length and may include moderate inclines and irregular surfaces. Suggested moderate hikes:

Lily Hike 
Deep Creek Hike 

A hard hike requires some hiking experience and a reasonable level of fitness, as some sections of the trail can be quite steep and uneven. Suggested hard hikes:

Peak Hike
Mab's mountain Hike 

A trek is generally physically demanding, therefore you should be an experienced bushwalker with good navigational skills. Treks often require several days to complete and pass through remote areas where the trail is unmarked. Prior to commencing a trek, bushwalkers must discuss their route with a ranger and fill in a trip intentions form (184kb pdf).

Flinders Chase Coastal Trek
Cape Gantheaume Coastal Trek.

The entire trail is 50 km in length and passes through national park.

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